Perfect unity of food and wine.

Food and wine unites people and form enduring friendships, setting the table for a life well lived. Let us whisk you away on an epicurean adventure through our aisles of contemporary Asian And European tapas and carefully curated wine selection.


The Winery is a modern tapas restaurant that serves the small plates with an international flavour but with a singular focus on quality produce but roots from classic tapas.

We welcome you to savour through delicacies made from exquisite fresh ingredients.


Creating shared wine discoveries for new and seasoned wine lovers. The Winery Gourmet Bar welcomes you to join us in unravelling the secrets of Europe sip by sip!

We are a European wine bar, a cosy dining space carefully designed for an all-encompassing wine tasting experience.


The Winery Collective has always sought to create concepts aiming to achieve a perfect unity between food and wine, bringing out the best of both worlds.

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